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Can Rahab trust an unseen God when the last one didn’t come to her rescue?

Rahab has always drawn the short lot in life. When her family’s plan for her future dissolves, Rahab is forced on a new path. Working as a harlot provides her a comfortable, though empty life. As the Israelite army marches toward Jericho, Rahab must choose between the city she loves and an unknown God chasing after her. Will her faith hold while the Crimson Cord blows in the wind?


Jenifer Jennings is a wife and mother first, though writing is her soul's desire. She takes Biblical accounts, weaves in historical resources, and adds a dash of fiction to create stories that encourage readers to take their next step of faith with God.

Jenifer married the man of her dreams who reminds her everyday what real love feels like. Together, they are raising two amazing children who keep them laughing.