Biblical Fiction

Before Mary anointed Jesus, she hated him…

After her father’s death, Mary, a young Jewish woman living in 1st century Bethany and family friend of Jesus, chooses a dark path away from God and the traditions of her people. Being the oldest, she is responsible for the welfare of her younger sister and often sickly brother. Jesus, the carpenter’s son now turned traveling teacher, comes back into her life claiming to be the long-awaited Messiah. The same boy whose birth caused a region-wide massacre of her people and all of Mary’s problems. She opens her home to him; can she open her heart? Can he help straighten her path back to God?

Follow in Mary’s sandals down the twists and turns of her faith journey through the dusty streets of Bethany. Her story shows us that our choices can take us far from God, but they don’t have to keep us there.  

Can Rahab trust an unseen God when the last one didn’t come to her rescue?

Rahab has always drawn the short lot in life. When her family’s plan for her future dissolves, Rahab is forced on a new path. Working as a harlot provides her a comfortable, though empty life. As the Israelite army marches toward Jericho, Rahab must choose between the city she loves and an unknown God chasing after her.

Will her faith hold while the Crimson Cord blows in the wind?