​Faith Finders Series

Follow these heroines of the faith on their journeys.

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Spiritual Collection Series

​Spark your soul with these quick reads.

​A carpenter started all her problems. Can he be the one to fix them all?

Before Mary anointed Jesus, she hated him.

Left without the protection of her father, Mary, is responsible for the welfare of her younger sister and often sickly brother. With food short and shelter dear, she chooses a dark path away from God until an old friend comes back into her life claiming to be the long-awaited Messiah.

She opens her home to him, but can she open her heart? The birth of Jesus caused a massacre and started all her problems. Will he be the one to fix them?

Follow in Mary's sandals down the twists and turns of her faith journey in this full-length Christian novel. Her story shows us that our choices can take us far from God, but they don't have to keep us there.​

​Most people struggle to find a good book that will provide spiritual encouragement from a biblical worldview. Jenifer offers Christian Fiction novels that explore the lives of characters who learn to trust God with their struggles; so that you can enjoy hours of reading pleasure and be challenged to trust God with your next step of faith.