Rebekah Series – Jenifer Jennings

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A stranger plagues Rebekah’s dreams. Another offers her an unknown future.

Shepherding fills Rebekah’s days with hard work and absorbed attention. Returning home to winter her flock brings back the nightmares that have haunted her since childhood.

After her father’s tragic injury, he charges her with the task of training her younger brother to replace him. Will Laban learn from her or will her family’s security be held in shaky hands?

When a stranger offers her another path, will she take it? Can she walk away from the family that depends on her for one she barely knows?

Coming July 10, 2020

WRITING:1st Draft
70% Complete
35,236 of 50,000 words

Coming October 16, 2020

WRITING: 1st Draft
42% Complete
20,893 of 50,000 words