Spiritual Collection – Jenifer Jennings

Walk a mile in the sandals of a few Real Women of the Bible.

Over the next two weeks, get a quick glimpse into the lives of a few women whose stories are found on the pages of the Bible.

These women stood firm on their faith in God when they faced obstacles, but most of all they were Real Women in the Bible.

​​An heirloom created out of love gives more than hope.
Follow each step of the journey to unlock the secrets within. 

​​A father's love and passion mingle to create a wedding gift for his daughter like none had seen before: The Hope Chest.

In this collection of short stories, descendants are blessed to receive the gift through the years. That is until the chest is passed to a modern-day woman who hates heirlooms.

Professor Ivory Taylor wants nothing to do with the old box her mother treasured. With the help of a co-worker, she discovers the Hope Chest has more to offer than even the creator intended.

Accompany each descendant in this full-length Christian novel as they discover the treasure for themselves.

​The each had something to lose. They each had something to gain.

A man and his past. A warrior and his pride. A widow and her last meal.

From Genesis to the Gospels, follow each person's story as they learn, in God's hands, no sacrifice is too small. ​

​Spark your soul with these poems.

A collection of poems sparked by the stirring of the Holy Spirit through the years. My prayer is that these poems will stir the embers in your soul and spark the fire of the Holy Spirit to move in your life.